Battery Base for HomePod Mini

Make your HomePod Mini Portable

Make HomePod Mini Portable

Purchase Battery Base (Black) in the  US, CA


Purchase Battery Base (White) in the US, Canada.

Mission Accomplished! This company has made the HomePod Mini PORTABLE (NEW 2021!)

Make your HomePod Mini Portable!

THIS Makes The HomePod Mini EXTRA Worth It!

How will you use your HomePod Mini?

With Mission Battery Base, your HomePod Mini is no longer confined to the power outlet. You can take your HomePod Mini from room to room around your home, into the garage, and even outside. Don’t let the cord limit where you enjoy your HomePod Mini.

Up to 6 Hours of Battery Life
Up to 6 Hours of Battery Life

Mission Battery Shell has an embedded high performance lithium-ion battery which provides up to nine hours of continuous playback. Smart LED Battery Gauge indicates battery state.

Stable Base for HomePod Mini
Stable Base for HomePod Mini

Tough shell is a stable base for your HomePod Mini while protecting the battery inside. Advanced design keeps HomePod Mini secure to Battery Base.

100% Guarantee
100% Guarantee

All of our products are engineered and manufactured with high quality standards, and we stand behind each of them. If you have any issues, please contact our customer support team.


Let’s go portable

My one issue with the HomePod is it always had to be plugged in till I found this little gem. Now music by the pool is a reality. Works great!!!


Jan 27, 2022

Awesome to make HomePod mini to another level

HomePod mini itself is a great device, lots of punch for small device with ease of use, use Siri to play music, podcasts, tap to pair with your phone etc.,

But after pairing with this mission battery pack, instantly this powerful speaker can go anywhere, place it in anywhere and become essential enterta…

Sai Noom Tai

Jan 27, 2022

Must-have homepod mini accessories

This is likely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in Amazon.

Nhat Tran

Jan 27, 2022

Works great, just what I was looking for

I’ve been looking for a way to use my HomePod minis out on the deck since I purchased them almost a year ago. This battery base finally lets me do it—without having to unplug the HP minis and without having to string wires all over the deck. I purchased one and like it enough that I just ordered a second, …


Jan 27, 2022

This adds a new dimension to the HomePod mini

Being new to HomePod Minis my one frustration was not being able to move them around easily without unplugging them and having to wait when plugging back in. I wanted to be able to take a speaker along for a day trip or even out on the deck and now I can. Sure I had a few bluetooth speakers but the soun…

Amazon Customer

Jan 27, 2022

Makes my HomePod mini much more valuable.

This makes my HomePod mini much more valuable for me. I use a Bose Mini portable speaker to carry around in the garage, workshop, shower and outside and I’m happy with it. I bought this base to convert my HomePod into the same kind of portable unit and, so far, it works great. No more tethered to …

Rudy Rugebregt

Jan 27, 2022