Mission Launches Colorful Sleeves for Brand New Echo Pop


Mission Accessories, a leading provider of accessories for smart home devices, today announced the launch of their Sleeve for Echo Pop. The silicone sleeve wraps around Echo Pop to give it a fresh burst of color and soft touch feel.

The Sleeve is made from precision molded soft silicone material and is available in an assortment of colors, including red, blue, purple, lilac, grey, orange, and glow-in-the-dark. The Sleeve includes precisely cuts holes for no compromise access to Echo Pop’s microphones and power port. The lightweight silicone case protects against accidental drops and scratches.

Grayson Wang, Product Development Engineer at Mission Accessories says, “We are excited to launch the Sleeve for Echo Pop. The Sleeve is a great way to personalize your Echo Pop and protect it from everyday wear and tear. We are confident that our customers will love the Sleeve.”

Key features include:

  • Precision molded silicone material for a soft, comfortable touch.
  • Precisely cut holes for no compromise access to your Echo Pop’s microphones and power port.
  • Available in an assortment of colors, perfect for personalizing your Echo Pop.

The Mission Sleeve for Echo Pop was developed in coordination with Amazon as part of their “Made for Amazon” program; it can be ordered in Red, Blue, Purple, Lilac, Grey, Orange, and Glow-in-the-dark color options on Amazon for $16.99. The Sleeve is compatible with the Echo Pop (2023 Release) only. It is not compatible with the Amazon Echo or previous generations of Echo Dot.

For more information, visit missionaccessories.com


About Mission

Mission has been developing accessories for consumer electronics since 2014. Since the debut of a family of special USB power cables for streaming media players, we have developed a large portfolio of innovative accessory products, including over 20 “Made for Amazon” accessories for the Amazon Devices Family. Our mission is to make your favorite devices better by creating innovative accessories that enable new usage cases, make them more convenient to use, or simply make them more aesthetically pleasing.