Mission USB Power Cable for Apple TV

Power Apple TV Directly from your TV's USB Port

USB Power Cable for Apple TV


Mission USB Power Cable

  • Universally compatible with all powered USB ports
  • Compatible with all Apple TV's
  • Eliminate the need for an AC outlet

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Declutter Your TV Area

Conveniently connect Apple TV to the TV’s side USB/HDMI ports in order to declutter your TV area.

How it Works

Advanced Circuitry

Mission’s innovative system design combines advanced power regulation circuits with lithium-ion battery technology to power Apple TV directly from a USB port.

Includes Adhesive

Mission USB Power Cable for Apple TV includes an adhesive pad so that it can be easily attached to the back of the TV.

Apple TV Mount Not Included

We recommend you purchase the TotalMount Apple TV mounting system for use with Mission USB Power Cable for Apple TV.


Mission USB Power Cable for Apple TV is compatible with all Apple TVs.

Setting up your USB Power Cable for Apple TV

Mission USB Power Cable is easy to install

How to install Mission USB Power Cable


Setting up USB Power Cable tutorial

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Detailed Specifications

Powerful Battery

7.2V / 2000mAh Battery

High Output Power Capability

Works with 4K HDR Video

Product Dimensions

4ft/121cm total cable length, 7.9 oz


Compatible with all generations of Apple TV


Q. Does the internal battery ever fully discharge and disrupt the USB cable performance?
A. No, the cable is designed to always have sufficient power, even after many hours of continuous use.

Q. Is a mount for Apple TV included in the box?
A. No, for the easiest setup we recommend the purchase of an Apple TV mount. This will allow the Apple TV and Mission USB Power cable to be easily installed on the back of the TV, minimizing clutter around the TV.

Q. What is the output voltage of the cable?

Q. What is the total length of the cable?
A. 4 feet or 121 centimeters.