Mission Y Splitter Power Cable for Apple TV

  • Simple Set Up
  • Compatible with All Generations of Apple TV
  • Optimized for Wall Mounted TVs

Power Apple TV Directly from Your TV

Mission Y splitter power cable eliminates the need to find an AC outlet near your TV by powering Apple TV directly from your TV's power port

Clear the Clutter

Mission Y Splitter Power Cable lets you power your TV and Apple TV from the same AC outlet, so you have one less cable to worry about.

How it Works

Mission Y Splitter Power Cable draws power from your TV’s existing power cable and splits it into two output ports – one to power your TV, and one to power your Apple TV device.

Perfect for wall mounted TVs.

Detailed Specifications

Cable Length

3 Feet

Compatibility (Apple TV)

Compatible with all generations of Apple TV

Compatibility (TV Port Type)

Works with all TVs with a C8 style power connector (most Samsung, Vizio, Sharp, LG, Hisense, Insignia models)