Mission USB Power Cable for Roku Express

Declutter your living room by powering Roku Express directly from your TV's USB port.

Mission USB Power Cable for Roku Express

The Mission Power USB cable simplifies the setup of your Roku Express.  Just plug the Mission Power cable into your TV’s USB port and then plug Roku Express into the TV’s HDMI port and start streaming movies to your TV.  It’s that easy!

  • Declutter Your TV Area
  • Eliminate the Need to Find an AC Outlet
  • Works with all Powered USB Ports
  • Patent Pending Design

Eliminate the need to find an AC outlet near your TV.

The simplest and most convenient way to power your Roku Express.

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Power Booster Technology

Our patent pending system increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port by storing excess energy during periods when the Roku Expres draws less power and then releasing it during times when the power consumption exceeds the power available from the USB port. With our cable, your viewing experience will never be interrupted by glitches and resets caused by insufficient power delivery to the Roku Express from the TV’s USB port.

  • Power input and battery charge status indicator LEDs
  • Easy to use—just plug and play
  • Integrated 500mAh li-ion battery
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Compatible with all USB Ports

Our cable includes special circuitry that increases the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port.  By powering Roku Express with our cable, you can be assured that even during the most demanding usage cases, your TV will be able to support the power requirements of the Roku Express, ensuring a glitch-free user experience.

Features and Benefits

Eliminate Insufficient Power Warnings
Eliminate Insufficient Power Warnings

Many TV USB ports do not have sufficient power capability to power Roku Express. The Mission USB Power Cable is designed to enhance the power output of your TV's USB port so that you can power Roku directly from your TV's USB port.

100% Guarantee
100% Guarantee

All of our products are engineered and manufactured with high quality standards, and we stand behind each of them. If you have any issues, please contact our customer support team.

Made for Roku Express
Made for Roku Express

Our cable was tested and verified to work with Roku Express. No matter how you use your Roku Express, your USB port will have sufficient power to prevent glitches and resets.