Mission Launches Cable Allowing Users to Power Their Roku Ultra Directly From Their TVs


In an innovative step towards simplifying home entertainment setups, Mission today announced the launch of a groundbreaking USB power cable designed specifically for the Roku Ultra. This new accessory enables users to power their Roku Ultra directly from their TV’s USB port, eliminating the need for an AC outlet and helping to keep entertainment areas clean and clutter-free.

The newly unveiled USB power cable is not just a typical cable; it integrates advanced technology that includes a special power management circuitry. This feature significantly enhances the peak power capability of the USB port. It cleverly stores excess energy and releases it as needed, ensuring the Roku Ultra receives consistent power without overloading the TV’s USB port.

Designed with the user in mind, the cable is crafted to be the ideal length for connecting the Roku Ultra to a TV’s side USB or HDMI ports, thus decluttering the TV area and reducing the mess of unnecessary cables. Its universal compatibility means it can be used with any powered USB port, making it a versatile addition to any tech enthusiast’s setup.

Key Features of the USB Power Cable for Roku Ultra:

    • Avoids Hassle: Powers Roku Ultra without needing an AC outlet.
    • Advanced Technology: Built-in power management circuitry enhances and stabilizes USB power.
    • Declutter Your TV Area: Perfectly sized for connecting to side USB/HDMI ports without excess.
    • Universal Compatibility: Works with all powered USB ports, thanks to the integrated energy storage circuit.
    • Dedicated Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with Roku Ultra. (Note: Roku Ultra not included. Not compatible with other Roku models.)

Brian Wengreen, Founder at Mission said, “This product represents our commitment to innovative, user-friendly solutions. We understand the importance of a tidy and efficient home entertainment setup. Our new USB power cable allows Roku Ultra users to enjoy a seamless streaming experience without the clutter of extra cables and the restriction of nearby power outlets.”

The USB power cable for Roku Ultra is available for purchase at Amazon.

For more information, visit missionaccessories.com

About Mission

Mission has been developing accessories for consumer electronics since 2014. Since the debut of a family of special USB power cables for streaming media players, we have developed a large portfolio of innovative accessory products, including over 20 “Made for Amazon” accessories for the Amazon Devices Family. Our mission is to make your favorite devices better by creating innovative accessories that enable new usage cases, make them more convenient to use, or simply make them more aesthetically pleasing.