Mission Launches Innovative Mount for eero Max 7 WiFi Router


Mission, a leader in accessories for Amazon devices, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product: TotalMount designed exclusively to mount the eero Max 7 WiFi router. This innovative mount provides a sleek, space-saving solution for users to securely position their device on any compatible vertical surface or power outlet.

The new Mount is specifically tailored for compatibility with the eero Max 7 model, ensuring a perfect fit that maximizes the router’s performance and aesthetics. It is not compatible with other eero models.

Key features of the TotalMount for eero Max 7 include:

  • Ease of Installation: Users can easily mount their eero Max 7 on walls without the need for drilling—just a Phillips-Head Screwdriver is required. The alternative outlet mounting option also offers built-in cable management to neatly conceal wires within the mount itself.
  • Versatile Placement Options: By enabling mounting on walls or outlets, the product eliminates the need to place routers on the ground or counters, freeing up space and enhancing the router’s signal by positioning it at an optimal height.
  • Durable and Stylish Design: Made from high-quality plastic, the mount is designed to securely hold the eero Max 7 while complementing home decor.
  • Complete Mounting Kit: Each box includes the mount, a quick start guide, and all necessary mounting hardware to ensure a smooth setup process.

Mission’s new mount is a game changer for eero Max 7 users looking to enhance their home network setup,” said Brian Wengreen, Founder at Mission. “We are committed to providing innovative solutions that not only improve functionality but also integrate seamlessly into the user’s home environment.”

TotalMount for eero Max 7 was developed in coordination with Amazon as part of their “Made for Amazon” accessory program. It is available for purchase immediately at Amazon.

For more information, visit missionaccessories.com

About Mission

Mission has been developing accessories for consumer electronics since 2014. Since the debut of a family of special USB power cables for streaming media players, we have developed a large portfolio of innovative accessory products, including over 20 “Made for Amazon” accessories for the Amazon Devices Family. Our mission is to make your favorite devices better by creating innovative accessories that enable new usage cases, make them more convenient to use, or simply make them more aesthetically pleasing.